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Items available from the Mile 329 label (new lower prices!)

Don't Touch My Car!! AND
This Is What We Do!!! CDs
Save a few dollars on the purchase of both of our well-endowed multi-artist compilations. All kinds of powerful musical structure are at your disposal if you push this button. $15

Neutralizing Force AND Wreathy 3" CDs
Save on the purchase of both of these excellent low-resolution industrial classical anthems. $10 total!

MP3s: 1 2

V/A - This Is What We Do!!! CD
Our second compilation. Complex musical structure, oddball sound design, and Mile 329's bizarre methods of quality control. $8
MP3s: 1 2 3 4

Neutralizing Force - Absolute Terror 3"
Industrial soundtrack to the Long Hard Slog. Bitcrushed, distorted metal percussion and damaged digital synthesizers display an overwhelming awareness of creeping fascism. $5.50

MP3s: 1

Wreathy - Abaddon 3"
Broken digital synthesis and corrupt textures from Sweden. Low-resolution, sacral melodic themes portray a creeping apocalypse. $5.50

MP3s: 1

Customers within the European Union and nearby areas are encouraged to order Wreathy's "Abaddon" directly from the artist in order to save on shipping and customs charges. Other work by Wreathy, as well as small amounts of the "Absolute Terror" CD are available there. http://www.wreathy.com/ .


Dissecting Table : Hypocrisy CD -
Fourteenth album from Hiroshima's greatest electronic music composer. $7

MP3s: 1 2 3

V/A: Don't Touch My Car!! CD -
Compilation. 8-bit sound, circuit-bending, metal percussion.
Features Skincage, Tarmvred, Sedaye Marg, Exclipsect, all of your favorite Mile 329 artists, and many more! $7

MP3s: 1 2 3

The above Mile 329 releases are also available in wholesale quantities. Please contact by email if interested.

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Items from other labels:

We hand-pick all titles included in this section, selected for their quality of musical structure. If they're still available, we even work to procure our all-time favorite records to offer to you.

SINO(re-build projects): Galvanism CD-R (Re-build Records) - SINO's back, with some great new material. Precision distorted rhythms with overdriven metal rhythm guitar. New Japanese electronic music... high-tech sound design, rock-solid composition, and a degree of finesse unmatched by the last few generations of rhythmic club noise artists. A welcome regression into more carefully composed and performed forms of rhythmic music. See also the "come around" CD-R available below. High-quality shrinkwrapped pro-printed CD-R withgreat artwork. $10


Dissecting Table - Majestic PowerCD-R (UPD)

CD-R in metal tin. Video file documenting a live performance that took place on April 5, 2007. $14.. $14

Dissecting Table - Awake in Hell CD (UPD)

pressed CD compiling selected tracks from the "Be in Heaven", "Oracle", and "Religious" CD-Rs. From sludgy, detuned death metal to highly processed vocal performances, here's your chance to experience some of the odd and precise compositions exhibited on DT's 2007 CD-Rs.ONE COPY LEFT. $14

Dissecting Table - Day of Nemesis CD-R (MNDR)

Dissecting Table "Day of Nemesis" - European release of this respected and sought-after CD-R from early 2006. Includes a previously unreleased bonus track. Relive the intensity of Mumyou(avidya) today! Comes in a strange leather case. ONE COPY LEFT. $14





Dissecting Table - No Longer Human CD-R (Suggestion)

Described by Tsuji as "old analog synth work from 2003", this disc features beautiful full-color artwork and a very stripped-down, powerful musical assault as you'd expect from Dissecting Table. ONE COPY LEFT. $12



Dissecting Table - Reason CD-R (UPD)

Impressive collection of hard, distended atmosphere from ichiro Tsuji. Distorted rumbling, disturbing acoustic elements, and a grunting, bestial vocal performance. Contains an extended version of "nightmare on the bed", one of the more memorable tracks from the "Non-Euclidean Geometry" CD-R. This is disc two of the legendary "Zoujouman" box set. ONE COPY LEFT. $12


Dissecting Table - Avant-garde from Daily Life in Ignored Art CD-R (UPD)

Disc Four of the impressive Zoujouman box set. This disc contains strange acoustic experiments and related electroacoustic sounds; not nearly as ear-shredding as later entries in the DT catalog. ONE COPY LEFT. $12


Dissecting Table - Trial And Error CD-R (UPD)

Probably my favorite of the new Dissecting Table CD-Rs. The opening track is absolutely punishing, and the recording represents an ongoing refinement of DT's new experimental methods. Recommended!. Contains elements of destroyed guitar, chopped-up digital noise, and distorted percussion. $12


Dissecting Table - Tranquilizer CD-R (MNDR) - New recording from Ichiro Tsuji. This can be described as "Groping In the Dark" at half-speed. Plodding, extremely repetitive, and totally crushing. A test of endurance for the uninitiated, and an enjoyable exercise in heaviness for the rest. ONE COPY LEFT $10

MP3: i will die tomorrow




Dissecting Table - Non-Euclidean Geometry CD-R (UPD) - Third CD-R for Ichiro Tsuji in 2005, this time following the format of the 4-track Dissecting Table album you know and love. Three complex noise collages with an overload of interesting texture, with a short detour into thick, bass-heavy drones with scrap-metal percussion. Highly recommended, but extremely limited and already sold out at the label! Comes in jewel case with professionally printed artwork. $13 LAST COPY AVAILABLE!!

MP3:nightmare on the bed, god and atheism



Miguel A. Ruiz - Grosor CD (Monochrome Vision)

Experimental music from the late 1980s Bizarre, active compositions with a cinematic feel. $9

MP3: coming soon


Cisfinitum - Bezdna CD (Monochrome Vision

Primarily made with Soviet analog synthesizers, this release is a rewarding adventure for fans of predominately electronic drones, buzzes, and clicks. $9

MP3: coming soon


hhtp and PortablePalace - Cavitation CD (Monochrome Vision)

Collaboration between Belorussian and American projects. High-tech, minimal atmosphere in three extended recordings. $9

MP3: coming soon


Rafael Flores - Nubes, cometas,rumores u orugas CD (monochrome vision)

Obstinate Spanish experimental music that occasionaly wanders into harsh noise territory. $9

MP3: coming soon


SPECIAL SALE: Three albums from LAW.

Well-built full-length recordings showcasing the best in intense atmosphere, recorded in Northern Indiana. LAST COPIES AVAILABLE

Law - Vindication and Contempt (Triumvirate)
Law - Our Life Through Your Death(Triumvirate)

Law - Wading Knee-Deep in Your Blood (Old Evropa Cafe) $14

MP3: no one will find them , you have no choice , scars of isolation



Wreathy - Leviathan (self-released) - Coming out of Umeå, Sweden, this album won the hearts of all Mile 329 staff and easily took top honors on our internal "Best Album of 2003" documents. Powerful melodies, arcane, harshly digital "corrupt textures", extended solos with frantic wavetable scanning, powerful rhythm, and the finest in completely instrumental harmonic narrative. Some observation of established music theory helps propel this album to greatness when combined with its modern sound design and alliance with low-bandwidth timbre. Epic and anthemic, an absolute must for followers of Naked Intruder or Neutralizing Force. New lower price! $8

MP3: decay , growing inwards , isolation



Stelladrine: You'll Never See Your World Again CD (Mechanoise Labs) - Third album for Stelladrine and the first on manufactured CD. The sharp high-frequency elements of past Stelladrine works are slightly toned down here, traded in for the solid structural density of recent T4L productions. Contains some awesome surf guitar, well-placed sci-fi samples, and an unforgettable theremin solo. Oh yeah, the visual artwork is awesome. There goes the generator. $9

MP3: astrosurfers of tomorrow


SINO(re-build projects): Come Around CD-R (Re-build Records) - Classically styled rhythmic noise with metal guitars. Extremely precise and Japanese, picks the rhythmic noise style right up where it left off when audiences everywhere were distracted by shiny breakcore things. Packaged in jewel case with high-quality artwork. $8

MP3: breach


V/A - Chamber (Cold Spring) - Omnibus of selections from Cold Spring's impressive catalog, from heavy industrial to enjoyable neo-classical. Contains many enjoyable and classic recordings from Laibach, Von Thronstahl, Toroidh, Mark Snow, and even a selection from the Nekromantik soundtrack! Great packaging. $8

MP3: Laibach - Die Liebe




Rupor Udara/Kryptogen Rundfunk Split CD-R (Mechanoise Labs) - Two-sided collecton of tracks from Russia's finest purveyors of obstinate electronic uneasiness. RU present material bound to please any Galakthorrö fan, and KR continue with their special brand of radio noise. Contains a great collaborative track. $8

MP3: rupor udara, kryptogen rundfunk



Not Breathing - Carrion Sounds CD (Kimosciotic) - New album from the immortal Dave Wright, finally free from the yoke of Invisible Records. Homemade instuments, crazy circuit-bent textures, and the most delicious of electronic beats. Features Jack Dangers on one track. The ultimate in Arizona electronic music? $9

MP3: mellonchollie battlecat



Kryptogen Rundfunk - 22.SZ CD (Mechanoise Labs) - Throbbing radio noise from Russia. Shrill blasts of feedback, static, and a bed of tense industrial noise. Packaged in a deluxe A5 sleeve. $8

MP3: radiokatzenjammer, verborgenen spuren



Like Music To Their Ears vol. 2 CD (Mechanoise Labs) - All-star compilation containing the best practitioners of harsh noise. Contains 16 different artists, with particularly notable contributions from DVT, Government Alpha, Foutredieu!!!, Control, and above all, Rupor Udara. $9

MP3: control - without death, rupor udara - sun


Sedaye Marg - Frashogard (Coup d'Etat Communications) - This album discarded the extreme distortion of previous releases for more complex atmosphere, while retaining every last bit of its usual intensity. Themes of Iran’s recent history have been brought to the front of the presentation, combining with the intricate construction of the music for a very powerful result. “Esfehan Steel” is one of the best rhythmic tracks I’ve heard in a long time, approaching “Tentack One” in intensity. The overall atmosphere of the disc leaves an unforgettable impression. $8

MP3: Lion and Sun , Operation Karbala Five , Esfehan Steel




Show of Exaggeration (Force of Nature) - Collaboration between members of Synapscape and Centrozoon. $5

MP3: death arch



7000 Dying Rats - Triple 7" box Set (RRR/Stomach Ache) - Three EPs on colored vinyl compose this completely satisfying collection from the true masters of straight-up comedy grind. It's all here, including 5-second songs, disturbing tapeloop-backed jams, turbo sax, and the unforgettable effect of experiencing 45 songs on 6 short sides of 33RPM vinyl. For fans of Anal Cunt and Bathtub Shitter... the perfect introduction to the immortal world of 7KDR. $10



Emil Beaulieau - America's Greatest Living Noise Artist NTSC VHS (RRR)

He's seen them all and he's played with them all. As far as he's concerned, he has no competition. This VHS is all the proof you need. He'll walk away victorious every time. Excerpts from several performances featuring Emil's awesome technique of combining a 4-armed turntable with copies of RRR 500. This must be seen to be believed. $10



V/A - Variant Archive (Crunch Pod) - Collection of experimental tracks mostly from the US. A who's-who of the oddball electronic music scene of 2000, containing a very solid and enjoyable adventure across many styles of well-constructed and unique electronic texture. Features tracks from ML, Form/Alkaline, C/A/T, IFAU, and Naked Intruder, as well as an impressive layout and design by that lovable Cyclops, Nicolas Chevreux. $8

MP3: Form/Alkaline - Societies , Naked Intruder - Amaro Reborn



Pubic Fallout - S/T CDEP (Pubic Discs) - Infamous thrash-punk outfit responsible for contaminating the Seattle area in the middle 90s. Their only recording is full of incredibly heavy performances along with all sorts of hilarious obscenities. Engineered by Tom Hall. $7

MP3: Shoot to Impregnate , Cunt Pounding


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